Handball Trainer 3D

Many people have heard about handball. One or the other has even seen a couple of worldcup matches on tv and there are even a few who have dived towards the goal trying to score with a dirty handball in their hands. But only a small minority really knows the game, can explain all the rules and understands the difference between 6-0 or 5-1 defense.

Our Serious Game Handball Trainer 3D is going to change that. Not just in Germany but all over the world Handball is getting more popular. Clubs and federations are doing their best to support that development and we want to contribute our share.

"Handball Trainer 3D" is supposed to teach handball in an entertaining way. It can also be used to educate coaches and referees. The Serious Game is part of our main concept to establish Handball for the large area of interactive Entertainment.

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