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The idea  to create a video game company and develope the first handball action game worldwide was born in 2006. By a lot busy work the concept got bit by bit a shape. The Neutron Team did a lot of research, created first graphics and developed a Game Design. At 07/07/2007 Neutron Games was officially founded in Berlin. The project 'Handball-Challenge' got on tour. We expanded our network and did a lot of preparatory work to get to the point where Neutron Games is at right now.

As of the moment the team consists of four full time and ten part time members. The company is funded by the federal ministry of Economic and the European social capital. We are already partnering with numerous companies and entertain a close cooperation with the first league club 'Füchse Berlin' and the internet portal ''. The project is also beeing supported by the 'Toyota Handball Bundesliga'.

You'll get current information and updates about the company, the team and of course the game 'Handball Challenge' on our website.