IHF Handball Challenge 12 update features

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Handball Challenge World League:
If you choose „Rest of the World“ in the friendly mode you can now opt for the Handball Challenge World League. All teams of the league can play for the championship in their very own HC World League and play against each other. The Kadetten Schaffhausen, reigning Swiss champion and current Champions League participant, are now part of the game as well.

A lot of things within the game have been improved. For example there is a bigger difference between the various difficulty levels, so it’s more fun to play, especially for rookies. The passing system has been optimized, to that effect the player marks are now more visible. Passing accuracy has been improved for better interaction. A more direct game control eliminates the delay while changing the direction or stopping the players. The three HC testimonials have been included into the game looking almost like their real-life counterparts. Slow motions after hard fouls or special shots have been added as well. After each game detailed statistics for both teams are now available.

More options have been added to the settings. Five different options are now available in the sections “Graphics” and “Textures”. The system for the spectators has been optimized and three different options of game speed can be chosen.

Animations have been improved as well. Players will step into the area or out of bounds less frequently while picking up the ball. The catching behavior has been optimized, while the falling animations have been adapted to the respective game situations. Players will now run into a proper catching position automatically.

Artificial Intelligence:
All friends of tough defense will like the fact that teammates will support the defensive moves more. On offense more automatic crossing motions were implemented, as well as more shots from the backcourt. The goalies will now catch lobs from the backcourt and will be positioned better against lefties.

The HDR lighting in the Crystal Palace has been improved, as well as the texture quality on the floor. Texture size has been adapted.