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Frequently asked questions

Your can download the FAQs right here (PDF).

Game notes

Installation Notice

Please insert the DVD and wait until the start window opens automatically. This can take up to 5 minutes! Starting the setup.exe manually can stall the installation process.Installation time aprox. 10 minutes.

System Requirements

Minimal system requirements: Dual Core CPU with 2GHz | 1 GB RAM | Graphic card with ShaderModel 3.0 and 512 MB RAM | Windows XP with SP3 | Internet Explorer 8.0

Recommended system requirements: Quad Core CPU with 2.4GHz | 2 GB RAM | Graphic card with ShaderModel 3.0 and 1 GB RAM | Windows 7 | Internet Explorer 8.0

Onboard and mobile graphic cards won‘t be supported officially. Graphic cards of the following models won‘t be supported officially: ATI Radeon X Serie; ATI Radeon X-1000-Serie.