Handball Challenge fanmail

On the weekend we received a phenomenal photo. Tom, a fan from Kiel, as you can see in the photograph designed his car entirely in the Handball Challenge look. We are delighted to receive this picture and are looking forward to more great pictures of the fans.

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HCTC Fall Tournament 2011

The anticipation is rising but we still need some time for the release of IHF Handball Challenge 12. But there is still HC Training Camp which you can use to pass the time. For a little bit more spice we will start our second tournament this year where you can also win something. With the "Friend Challenge" and the 2-vs-2 we have the perfect ingredients for an exciting tournament with hopefully many participants. To apply for the tournament just send an e-mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . It makes sense to register on our board as well. The mode is simple: eight players in each group play against each other. For every win you get two points, one point for a draw and zero points for a defeat. The four best of each group will make the quarterfinals, where the participants will face each other in a knockout system – just like a real handball tournament. There is also a great prize waiting for you, for example a Hummel training set. Check out the PDF and our board for the exact rules and information. So hurry up and apply till Friday, September 9th 2011 and show your skills. Good luck!!!

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Rate your stars! Take part in the big player data editing

Jumping ability 89 or 90? This is one of the most important questions we are thinking about right now. Obviously we are talking about the skills of the real players, which we are going to implement into IHF Handball Challenge. We need to collect almost 10.000 values, if we want to illustrate the players as realistic as possible. And therefore we need your help! We already collected a lot of data from teams and players in our HC-Wiki, but now we need to top it. We developed a very nice online editor, where you can add a lot of player data. You can prove yourself to be a real handball expert and help us to rate the players, collect info about them, upload pictures and discuss your ratings with the other handball fans on our board.

Since we don’t have data to compare, it’s not easy to start, since we have to make sure that the ratings won’t defer too much. We found a fantastic solution for it and asked the two best backcourt players in the world, Filip Jicha and Nikola Karabatic, to rate each other. Both handball stars, who know each other extremely well from their time as teammates at THW Kiel, enjoyed doing it and helped us get some nice first ratings.

Now it’s your town. What do you have to do? Just send a mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and let us know which league or country you would like to edit. You can choose between all national teams of the World Championships 2011, the first Danish league, the first and second league in Germany, the first French league and the first league in Spain. More information will follow on the board and via mail.

Find new friends!

Since we want you to try the Friend Challenge as much as possible, we added a little feature to our board. You can add your username of Handball Challenge Training Camp to your profile in the board. Just click on the “User Control Panel” and choose the menu option “Profile”. There you will find the option “Edit profile”, where you can add your HC-username. Every time you will post something in the board your HC-username will appear right next to your avatar and your board name. Other members of the board will be able to add you to your list easily and challenge you. A lot of players are already doing so, we even started a tournament, which is currently in the quarterfinals.

HC board hast two new moderators

Our Handball Challenge board, where you are exchanging your thoughts about the current status of the game and its development, is getting busier with time. We needed some help for Neutron and Capitano, so we can answer your questions. You might know them by name since they have been part of the community themselves: moin moin and Maikel 11. You can recognize them looking for the new profile picture they got, which is similar to the new ones of Neutron and Capitano. We hope that we will now be able to reply to your questions faster, so you will always be kept up to date. Let’s welcome your new mods "moin moin" and "Maikel 11".