We think, we lived to go a great European Championship. Watching the games was a lot of fun. A good opportunity for us to reduce our prices for Handball 16. If you want to order it for a good price - check out our order form here - we ship worldwide: http://handball-challenge.com/en/handball-16/preorder 


EuroJust prior to the star of EURO 2010 we released out first ever game-trailer about our action game Handball Challenge. The trailer was also shown on the huge video screens during all preliminary round games of the tournament in Graz, Linz, Innsbruck and Wiener Neustadt. For all of you who weren't able to attend the matches, check the trailer on our website, also available in high definition!

During the final weekend of the competition we will be present with a booth at the Vienna cityhall. There you will be able to test a first version of a mini-game and your shooting skills against a very good keeper. Finally, in March we will release our first mini-game. The mini-game at the booth will see a player and a goalkeeper face each other, while the user is able to use a slap shot and a jump shot as his weapons in 90 seconds of play time.

By the way, you can also win various things at our booth during the next couple of days. If you just let us know your favorite player, then you can win a merchandise-package, which includes a Handball Challenge-shirt, a sweatband and lanyard. We will add to that, as we offer a prediction game for the final six matches of EURO 2010 where you can win a shirt. We will also give you the oppurtinutywin our CL Final 4 lottery, which will end on February 15th.So don't miss out the chance to visit us!

Check out EURO 2010 here.


If you wonder how Neutron Games came up with the idea of creating a handball-game and how the team envisions the game? - "Game Brain" and founder Greor Ilg talks about the beginnings of Handball Challenge and our goals in his Dev-Blog.


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